About Us – Our Vintage Story

Thank you for visiting Retro Jam, Adelaide’s home of Authentic Vintage and Retro Clothing and Accessories.

Our Ethos is to provide quality original Vintage items for Men and Women who want to shop ethically, saving the planet with as much zero waste as possible.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Refuse.

All our vintage items have been laundered using Eco-friendly detergents, caring for our environment while curating exquisite ‘One of a Kind’ garments for you to simply purchase and enjoy.

We have sourced 90% of our fabulous vintage from the USA.  However, we will not be purchasing anymore, the store owner will be retiring in the near future. Hence huge reductions are now taking place.

The eras we represent range from the 1920’s to the 1980’s.

We also stock some new items at the moment which are in our Rock-a-billy sections, but once they have sold we won’t be re-stocking them and concentrating on Vintage only.

You will find reproduction and true vintage in our costumes-to-buy section. Once we have sold out of the packets they will not be re-stocked.

At times we will also source privately within Australia.

When deciding on your purchase please have your measurements handy and check with the ones provided for each Vintage and Retro item. There is a General size chart to compare to, this is the one we use.

We don’t issue refunds but we are always available to chat via email and mobile phone to help you with your decision. We happily provide expertise in choosing the correct size, colour, style, or, era that you need, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service.

Enjoy the wonderful world of Vintage we have collected over 18 years, take a browse through the on-online, and you will be amazed. Step into a time warp you won’t want to leave, a vintage fashion aficionado’s dream!

It is a pleasure to present our range. We believe in outstanding quality, curating and restoring our collection, piece by piece to give them a new life!

  • What We Do

    Retro Jam stocks original vintage clothing and accessories for everyone. We also have a few pieces of some new Rock-a-billy, Pin-up, Alternative, and Vintage Inspired designers.

    They include Hell Bunny, Lady V of London, Hearts and Roses of London, Voodoo Vixen, Dolly and Dotty, Lindy Bop, Banned Apparel, My JuJu, Rock Steady USA and Chenaski from Germany.

    We are very proud to be associated with every label we carry because of their excellent quality and of course gorgeous style, but as we are now only concentrating on Vintage and Retro, as seen in our costumes section, these will be faded out.

    Do you love to dress up? Below are some ideas we can try to help you win best dressed!

    We cater to all occasions such as Birthdays, Book Week, Discos, and Hollywood Parties. Theme and Quiz nights, Weddings, Hens and Buck shows, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties. You will find Flappers, Gangsters, Pimps & Ho’s, Vixens, Yobbos, Rock’n’Roll, Moulin Rouge, Disco, Flower Power, Hippy, Studio54, Grease, Bond, Punk, Cowboys, Rock, Movie, and Television stars. Bollywood, Pirates, Halloween, Celebrities, Doctors and Nurses, Villains and Hero’s and many more.

    Corporate events and Conferences, School Plays and functions, Local theatre and film productions, and Musical and Band performances, we can help them run with ease.